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Many people are seeing significant increases in property crimes in their area, home invasions, theft, etc. Many people are becoming estranged from friends and loved ones do to the current employment and economic reasons. This has led me to notice a trend in the calls and e mails I receive from people looking for Doberman puppies for sale. People in these hard times more than ever, want the companionship of a quality Doberman Pinscher puppy. A Doberman loves unconditionally and accepts us the way we are. They love us just because we are there. A Doberman puppy doesn't care about the job you have , what you drive or where you shop and eat. A Doberman puppy is happy just to be with you. They seem to encourage us and motivate us, they give us purpose and reason when we have none. A Doberman puppy encourages you to see the good that is still left in the world, despite the economic conditions ,  and more people need the safety they feel just by having a Doberman puppy or an adult trained Doberman Pinscher. The security a Dobie will offer you is real peace of mind. Just having an extra pair of eyes watching out for you, a well developed set of ears listening and a powerful presence, that by itself is a certain level of deterrent. A Doberman is very useful. He was first bred as a guard and watchdog and he is the only dog that was originally bred for this purpose. No one will ever know how many attacks and robberies have been prevented because of the family Doberman. The Dobie takes us out of a position were we feel helpless and vulnerable and make us feel like less of a target for crime. A Doberman is protective of it's family and home by it's nature, they are very loyal and bonded to their family. This alone however is not sufficient for your Doberman to protect you. If you are in a situation where your dog does need to protect your family and home with force, it takes having a Doberman that has the right nerve, temperament and character. Do not settle for a poorly bred Doberman get a dog that will be capable of the work. Work with a Doberman breeder that will offer you a written guarantee and stand behind it. I think a Doberman puppy is a great  investment in especially in these troubled times, but please make sure you are doing it for the right reasons and realistic expectations. Each Doberman litter of puppies has its individual traits and characteristics. Dobermans have that "Deterrent" look to them that keeps the bad guys away.
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