Wiking Di Perlanera is Duke's sire.
            Nixon di Altobello

                        Sire to Nixon
 2012 World Ch. Maxim di Altobello

                   Dam to Nixon
  Int. Ch. Luna di Altobello

                         VWD Clear
                        DCM neg. 
                       DNA tested

He just turned two and will be having his hips,
elbows, and all other testing done soon.

                             vWD Clear
​                         "Diablo's dam is sired 
by World Champion Pierce Patrick od Telepa"
                 Diablo Sire
 Int. Ch. Imperator di Altobello

                        Sire to Nixon         
              Maxim di Altobello
He is out of Altobello Kennels in Serbia
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VWD Clear
DCM by parentage negative 
Sire:  Nixon di Altobello
Dam:  Cynthia Cherry"s Wild
Imported Champion
VWD Clear
DCM neg
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